3D printing your own wet palette, version 2 (free design linked)

I wasn’t happy with the options for wet palettes out there, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one and just having a sandwich box wasn’t enough for me. In the end I created this custom design, which is perfectly matched with the cheap Aliexpress palette papers I buy. It’s surprising how much time you save and how much friction is removed from your work flow when you can just plonk the perfect cut of paper in every time, and having this at such a low cost is a real benefit to me.

I’ve even printed multiple palettes using my latest design so that I can have different projects ready to go all at once. No more throwing out an entire palette sheet of paint when I change projects, I can afford to have 3 running all at once (and they stay usable for days).

The palette design I ended up with is beautifully simple. It clicks together nicely, creates a good seal (I’ve even travelled with paint in palette and it’s all stayed where it should) and it easy to print too. No supports needs, prints with any old PLA and works right off the bed. I’ve also included 4 holes on each side for the addition of optional 5mm magnets which can give it an even more satisfying close as the two piece pull together.

I mostly love how low profile this palette is, there is no hurdling my brush over obstacles while I paint. The additional curved spaces on the end allow you to pool your flow improver, mediums or any washes you want to use while working as well.

I prefer to use Chamois (shammy) fabric to trap water under the paper, it’s super absorbent, doesn’t pill, is easy to wash out and very low lying (unlike thick kitchen sponge) while means I can have a thinner palette.

If you would like to use my wet palette design you can simply download it here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4773585.

If you are looking for cheap and good palette papers then my preferred brand can be found HERE .

Cyber tech boy wearing a shark helmet model, painted by Melbourne Mini Painter