Budget mini painting standard no longer available

As of today I am no longer offering a ‘Budget’ standard of mini painting. This isn’t an evil money grab, taking away affordable paint options. It is for my own peace of mind.

For a long time now I haven’t enjoyed painting miniatures at the budget standard. It’s not interesting or enjoyable to produce work that is far below what you know can be done. To take a beautiful, creative model and put the lowest amount of effort into covering it with paint is not why I got into the hobby and it’s certainly not something I’d like to promote any longer.

Minis like the one below were fine when I was still learning and growing but I’ve had the real luck to become busy enough to start only accepting work I’m excited about. There is nothing wrong with the mini below, it is fun and people could certainly play a game with it and not be put off by the model.

This article isn’t to shame anyone into saying that all models must only be painted to the highest quality. It is really just that I no longer want to sell minis at that standard. I love spending multiple days, weeks and sometimes months on a single figure and this is the type of work I will be prioritising moving forward. I will still be offering Casual Gamer standards as we have many ongoing loyal customers that still prefer that.

Luckily for gamers out there with huge armies there are tonnes of other painters who love dealing in large volume, quick paint jobs and I’m certain that there is something for everyone out there.