Cheap and Easy way to cure the inside of hollow resin 3d prints

Looking for the TL:DR? Here it is. You can cure the inside of your hollowed out resin prints with three very cheap items:

  • A UV Laser Pointer
  • Fibre Optic line
  • Some sticky tape (or glue in a pinch)

Stick them together and get to it.

NOTE: This will only work if you’ve left a drain/hole for your resin, you need a point of entry.

If you’re still unsure what I’m talking about then keep reading.

  • Step 1. Cut the strands of fibre optic line to your preferred length. You can have as many or as few as you like, they will all carry the light I’d recommend cutting 3 long, 3 mid and 3 short as a good rule. This way when you go to use it you can jam the long strips into the arms/legs and other extremities on your model.
  • Step 2. Bunch up all the cut strands and sticky tape one end of them together so they’re all level, this is the end that will go into the laser.
  • Step 3. Push your sticky taped, levelled end into the top of the laser and test the light to make sure it is travelling down your fibre optics.
  • Step 4. Stick in place, here you can glue for a permanent solution or sticky tape it. I prefer tape as you might find some of the optics get bunched together after a while of cure prints and it’s easier to replace without having to buy a new laser.

That’s the entire build!

Then you just have to use it, push the fibre optic strands inside the model via your drain holes and wiggle them around while the laser is on. Time can vary but I tend to mess around with my model laser show for about a minute. I don’t want any uncured resin running around all over the place.

I hope this helps!