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  • That is awesome, and such a great paintjob too, loving the owls and the crystal looking ground too

  • I thought this was a 3D Rendered image. That paint job is absolutely insane.

  • Jesus...I'm giving up, can't compete, beautiful work.

    u/Best_Peasant Reddit
  • God, those colors are so nice. They are so natural looking, while being so much larger than life.

    u/TheMothVan Reddit
  • Absolutely fantastic blending/glazing!

    u/hyperknightt Reddit
  • The pools look really beautiful. The colour saturation pops and almost looks ethereal and otherworldly. Great paint job.

    u/TisteAndii Reddit
  • "That's Nagash from Warhammer, and that's literally the stock image for him on the GW website. This is definitely not original content."

    u/Mutantmegamidget Reddit
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