Memories in 3d

We have so many ways of storing and sharing memories, most digital these days. The other day I was struck by the idea of creating 3d representations of memories or moments in our lives. How amazing to be able to hold in your hand a treasured moment from your life?

With this idea in mind I set out to try and recreate a memory that I knew would mean a lot to my mother and father. Mum and Dad are nothing if not competitive and at the ripe old age of 60, they decided they were going to take a serious shot at a Sailing World Championship. Never mind the olympians and 25 year olds in their physical prime, these parents of 4 soon to be grandparents, were going to take on the world. They trained and prepped and over a period of two weeks they won race after race to eventually become the 2011 World Tasar Sailing Champions. What a moment to commemorate.

With their memory in mind I set about creating their tiny racing boat as best I could, hand sculpting waves out of aluminium foil and trying to find appropriately posed tiny tiny tiny human figures for the sailors. There was a fine line between creating a model that was something unique and dynamic but that was also true enough to the moment to ensure it was an accurate representation of the memory.

I hope that in the future I can find more projects of this sort. It was such a fun challenge and you don’t find many modern/everyday dioramas, mostly they seem to be of fantasy or military ilk.

I would love to see 3d memories and treasures become something that people have in their home for those extra special moments, that a video or photo just doesn’t do justice for or perhaps that was missed and can only be described or created.

5 cent piece for scale