• Basic Tabletop
    • Example Image
    • Bulk orders of 10 or more: $65 per mini
    • Price is per mini <30mm
    • Only available for miniatures with medium-low levels of details and monsters
    • Simple layers and highlights
    • Basic eyes (black on white)
    • Double matt varnish for play protection
    • Simple basing (flat paint, no detailing)
    • Summary: This tier is perfect for tabletop gamers who just want a simple clean paint job on their model. You don't have specific detail requirements and are happy to receive a well painted mini as visualised by the artist.
  • Display Art
    from $1200
    • Example Image
    • Price is calculated on a day rate of $1,200
    • This standard involves a detailed collaboration between the artist and the buyer. It includes a detailed meeting prior to painting so we can nail your dream model.
    • Must be quoted individually, the price above is the starting point only.
    • These are intended for display, not play
    • These pieces take weeks and sometimes months to complete and are perfect for creating a centrepiece or gift for the gamer/fantasy enthusiast (or yourself).
    • Summary: This standard is ideal for collectors and hobbyists who have a piece that they want to showcase. These are highly detailed pieces with no limit to the amount of customisation and techniques that can be used to create the artwork.
  • Touch Ups
    • We offer high quality repairs and rescue for gaming models, collectables and fine detail art. Previous works have included shop displays, collectors watches, vintage toys and display items.
    • In order to provide an accurate quote on repair work we must receive detailed images of the item/s along with clear instructions on the degree of repair wanted.

About our prices

  • All prices are based on the customer providing the miniature/model for the job
  • We can print, purchase or provide models at your request
  • Protect your minis in proper cases, have clean hands when handling, hold them by the base and try not to drop them
  • We do not offer cheaper rates for armies, the rates above are what is available
  • Models of the same size may cost more if they have a lot of detailed items that require individual painting


We have customers all over the world and are happy to offer international shipping. We package our works using a variety of boxes, bubble wraps, air bags and foam to give them the best chance at safe travel and we have a high success rate.

As our models are singular creations, we cannot ship replacements should they be mishandled. We strongly recommend that customers get shipping insurance to cover transit issues.

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