• Casual Gamer
    • Example Image
    • Price is per mini (23mm standard)
    • Bulk orders of 10 or more: $35 per mini
    • Max. 10 colours per mini
    • Layered shading
    • Washes and highlights
    • Detailed eyes included
    • Double matt varnished for play protection
    • Simple basing (flat paint)
  • Art
    from $700
    • Example Image
    • Price is per mini
    • Art pieces are fully customised and must be quoted prior to start
    • An art piece is a piece that is intended for display purposes.
    • These pieces take weeks and sometimes months to complete and are perfect for creating a centrepiece or gift for the gamer/fantasy enthusiast (or yourself).
  • Terrain and Props
    • Example Image
    • Terrain and props are priced individually depending on the purpose of the finished piece, please contact us for a quote
    • Can include:
      • Static grass flocking and ground coverage
      • Painting and varnishing for heavy use
      • Pigments and dusts
      • Slimes and rusts
      • Custom built rock falls and layouts
      • Snowy or icy terrain
      • Corporate promotional items/ branding
      • Custom trophies and awards
      • Merchandise with water slide decals

About our prices

All prices are based on the customer providing the miniature/model for the job. We do have a stock on hand if you require this, please contact us with your needs and we will add this to the quote for you.

We provide three levels of painting to try and provide a mini painting service for people with various budgets and needs.

We recommend you consider the main use of your mini before choosing your level of painting.

All paint jobs are varnished and protected on completion but this doesn’t make them invulnerable. Protect your minis in proper cases, have clean hands when handling and try not to drop them to ensure your paint is protected.

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