How do you price miniatures and collector art pieces?

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what various standards of painting mean for different models and how you price them. It’s very difficult to specifically quantify what you do and don’t get for different tiers of service when you’re in an art industry. Trying to explain to a new client who hasn’t used your services […]

Memories in 3d

We have so many ways of storing and sharing memories, most digital these days. The other day I was struck by the idea of creating 3d representations of memories or moments in our lives. How amazing to be able to hold in your hand a treasured moment from your life? With this idea in mind […]

Painting Eyes in a miniature model

On every new model I start I like to try and push my skills up a little. On my last model I wanted to push my eye details further than I had before on a <1mm eyeball. On my earliest models it was a challenge just to get the pupil in the right area so […]

Making a Custom Wet Palette

I wasn’t happy with any of the free wet palette designs I saw online and it seemed like a pretty simple project to try my CAD skills on. Please give feedback if you think of things you would change or add. The design includes 8 holes for magnets up to a size of 5mm and […]

Budget mini painting standard no longer available

As of today I am no longer offering a ‘Budget’ standard of mini painting. This isn’t an evil money grab, taking away affordable paint options. It is for my own peace of mind. For a long time now I haven’t enjoyed painting miniatures at the budget standard. It’s not interesting or enjoyable to produce work […]

New logo, why?

Quick change to the branding this week. While I dearly loved the old logo that was created by me and included elements like the paintbrush and M dragon, I wanted something a lot cleaner that wouldn’t clutter up my artworks when I’m sharing them online, but that was still easily identifiable. The paint splodge was […]

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