We take restoration painting jobs

We often get contacted by clients from industries we never expected to work with! The clients are always incredibly passionate people, with a real love for something unique that requires a special touch to bring it back to life. Restoring or repairing collectors items has led us to work with vintage watch collectors, Pinball machine restorers, children’s toy salvagers and so many more.

It might seem like an unusual crossover but our eye for details and ability to see even the smallest imperfections has put us in the perfect place to work with these clients. From modelling repairs for surface damage, to sourcing rare enamels and original paints to ensure the most seamless transitions between old and new, we have a unique set of skills that makes us the perfect restorers of collectable items.

We take a lot of time and care with restoration jobs to ensure we are getting the best possible result as close to the original as can be. If you have a watch collection that has been damaged, if you need tiny repaint jobs or you just need something blended between old and new. We can help.

Massive 3d printed dragon head painted by melbourne mini painter